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Meet Hannah

Hi, I’m Hannah Mira and I am a perinatal and pediatric sleep consultant. During the twenty years that I have spent working with infants and children, I have come to realize that there is no more valuable commodity than sleep, especially for new parents.

I began working with infants as a teenager, taking a break to become an Emergency Medical Technician and drive an ambulance for two years. By the time I was completing my undergraduate work at UC Irvine, I was a specialty nanny of multiples. Every family is different, but one of the constants throughout all of the families I worked with was the impact that a lack of sleep had on both parents and babies. Maintaining your sanity as a parent can be a challenge, especially during those first few months and I witnessed exhaustion leading parents to using quick fixes to quiet a fussy child which would work temporarily but didn’t help develop healthy, consistent sleep habits that the baby could carry into childhood.

After finishing graduate school, I decided to become a teacher and while I deeply enjoyed my nine years as a classroom educator, the birth of my firstborn changed everything for me (as it does for all new parents). Even in the earliest part of my pregnancy, I knew that sleep was going to be the key to keeping our lives running as reasonably smooth as possible. I read the books, I spoke to dozens of mothers, and I even consulted a sleep coach to try to gain as much wisdom and insight as possible. There were components that made sense in so many of these resources and I realized that if I could manage to synthesize these elements, I could create a sleep system that would benefit not only my baby, but also my husband and myself. And while the first three weeks were challenging and essentially a series of learning curves and trial and error, consistently sticking to the routine and philosophy I had developed brought satisfactory results much sooner than I had anticipated.

A light bulb went on for me during a mommy and baby class I was attending when my son was 3 months old. All the mothers, most of which had babies between 3 and 6 months old, were sharing their tales of woe regarding bedtimes; hours spent trying to get the baby to fall asleep, waking up every few hours even at 6 months of age, babies unable to fall asleep without being rocked or falling asleep on the breast or in the parent’s bed. When it was my turn, I rather sheepishly confessed that my son had been sleeping 11 hours a night by himself in his bassinet since 10 weeks.

Many of the women wanted to know what I was doing to get these results and it was then that I realized what my calling was: to be able to come alongside growing families and teach parents how to instill healthy sleep habits in their babies, establish routines and consistency surrounding bedtime and nap-times, and help bring peace and tranquility back to the nights. This was the genesis of Bonsoir Bebe Sleep Consulting, LLC.

I look forward to working with your family and your little one.

Bon soir!

--Hannah Mira